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Member Since: December 1, 2008
Location: Fort Worth, TX
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Genre: Gospel
Record Label: Independent
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Tom Autry
Hope of Glory, Love Song, Dallas Holm
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Tom Autry
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GraceSongs (2012)
A collection of more original songs from Gaylord Sturgess & Tom Autry. Grace is the theme of the CD including "He'll Come Lookin'", co-written with Brent Sturgess, and "Glory", co-written with Allen Tappe. This CD, again, includes a variety of styles of music.
Paid In Full (2008)
A collection of new songs written by Gaylord Sturgess and Tom Autry. The title song, as well as others on this cd, is a powerful witnessing tool when placed in the ears of the skeptic or unbeliever.
The music was produced using a Mac and Pro Tools in a non-studio environment. Gaylord sings the backup vocals....other harmonies from the digital Vocalist.
Born Again (1995)
Produced in Tom Smith's studio in Dallas, Texas, by Tom Smith. He, also, programmed and arranged the songs. A collection of great musicians, singers, and to be one that will move you. Another great album to share with unbelievers and believers alike.
Mockingbird (1982)
Arranged and produced by Tom Autry and Randy Adams, musicians include Fletch Wiley-flute, Jerry McPherson-guitar, Dan Smith-bass, Pat Bautz-drums, Hadley Hockensmith-guitar, Darrell Cook-bass, Keith Edwards-drums, Randy Adams-bass, Robert Herridge-harmonica, Larry Slezak-sax, and Tom Autry-keyboards.
Singers were Randy Adams, Harvest(Jerry Williams and Ed Kerr), Marty McCall (First Call), Rick Crawford, Susan Autry-Chiboroski, and Craig Smith

Art and album design by Paul Annan.

"Mockingbird", includes two songs co-written with Dr. Ron Stone, then Tom's pastor. On two occasions on Saturday night Ron came to Tom's house with his sermon outline for that Sunday morning and together they wrote the songs, "Peter" and "Like A Child".
"Afterglow" was inspired during the short but incredible ministry time with David Wilkerson in his Alaska crusade. The "afterglow" time after hundreds of people came forward at the end of Brother Dave's preaching was a special, precious time as the people realized the change in the condition of their souls!
"More Than We Can Say" was written as a farewell song to the wonderful friends in Uvalde who were such a blessing, support, and encouragement. (They made "Mockingbird" possible!) Tom's daughter, Susan Autry-Chiboroski, sang with him on this song.
Blood of the Lamb (1976)
Tom's second project with Star Song Records. Having unique ahead-of-its-time sounds for contemporary Christian music, some of them were compared to that of Pink Floyd and Alan Parsons
Project. It was produced by Darrell Harris and Wayne Donowho. Blood of the Lamb was Star Song's sixth release and one of three by Tom Autry. The other releases were SSR-0001, "Tom Autry", and SSR-0017, "Better Days".

Songs on the album are:
Blood of the Lamb
Sweet Smell of Faith
Is It Wrong
Natural Man
Blood of the Lamb (Reprise)
Without You
I Want To Set You Free
You're My Rock
Sacrifice (Reprise)
Tom Autry (1974)
The very first Star Song Records project, SSR-0001, was produced by Spike Bailey, Wayne Donowho, Darrell Harris, and Tom Autry. Wayne Donowho and Darrell Harris teamed up to start a new label. They were in Pasadena, Texas, where they eventually built the Star Song studio, Rivendell. "Tom Autry", SSR-0001, was recorded in Garland, Texas, at the then new Autumn Sound Studios. Glen Pace and Phil York engineered the project which included some really great musicians including Paul Leim-drums, James Pritchett- accoustic guitar, Ernie Chapman-bass, Fletch Wiley-flute, trumpet, and flugel horn, Al Perkins-steel guitar and lead guitar, Mickey Raphael-harmonica, and Tom Autry-keyboards.
The project was mastered by Al Perkins at ABC Recording, Los Angeles, California. Photography by Bob Thigpen.
The album was a fresh, sincere, and simple musical expression of Tom's love and devotion to his Savior.
Star Song grew to become one of the leading contemporary labels in the Christian music arena with such artists as Fletch Wiley, Jim Gill, Randy Adams, Phil Keaggy, Petra, Resurrection Band, Craig Smith, Twila Paris, Mylon LaFevre and others.
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About Tom Autry
A seasoned pioneer of contemporary music, Tom has been ministering as an "indie" for many years. He was the original Star Song Records artist with three projects dating back to 1974.
He writes most of his music with writing partner, Gaylord Sturgess, a tremendous tenor singer who has been with the Gospelaires for many years.
Tom's music is difficult to categorize because of the various styles but one thing becomes obvious to the seeker of God's presence and that is His anointing on Tom's songs, playing, and singing.
Tom has traveled extensively with his wife, Janie, who sings and ministers with him mostly in churches.
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Paul Zimmer - Narrow Path Ministries on 2/23/14 - 10:13 PM
In case you may not already have figured this out, my favorite writer in the NT is Paul. If he were alive today, he'd be my number-one choice as a spiritual mentor, but since that is impossible, I consider him my mentor in print!

February's Trail Mix is about maintaining one's zeal and fervor in their service of Jesus; regardless of the circumstances, we are put in! We start out with Paul's arrest and subsequent trip to stand trial in Rome ... and his journey to Rome just happened to be by, ship. Anyone who knew of Paul also knew that he had already been in two other ship wrecks; which would qualify his as a man experienced in ship wrecks! This experience is duly noted when Paul felt it necessary to talk with Julius, his Roman guard, and the others, saying, "Men, I believe there is trouble ahead, and if we go on?there will be a shipwreck, loss of cargo, and danger to our lives as well" (Acts 27:10 - NLT).

Of course, we read that no one took him seriously, as they continued to point the ship into the teeth of a gale-force wind Then in verse 14 we read that this gale-force wind turns into a full-out typhoon. And while the crew did everything humanly possible to hold the ship together, they were doomed, and we read that after the storm "raged for many days," battering the ship and nearly tearing it apart, ALL hope was lost (v. 20).

In some ways, this story reminds me of the story of the Disciples when they crossed Galilee, and a storm came up (Matthew 24). Just like those on the ship with Paul, the Disciples, lost hope, too! The difference is, this particular storm raged on for 14 days (v. 27), and the crew grew tired, and hungry, mostly because, in order to keep the ship afloat, they worked around the clock throwing just about everything, including food, overboard.

In verse 42, we read that the crew had come to the place of wanting to kill the prisoners and swim ashore to save themselves ... however, the Captain was reminded of Paul's words a few days earlier, when Paul shared how an angel came to him and said, "Paul, 'Don't be afraid ... you will surely stand trial before Caesar! What's more, God in his goodness has granted safety to everyone sailing with you. So take courage! I believe God. It will be, just as he said. Even so, we will be shipwrecked on an island."

The prophesy and Paul's obedience to share that word, resulted in saving all 276 men on board the ship. And once on shore, they took up refuge on Malta for the remainder of the winter months; safe, as Paul said the angel told him.

Paul demonstrated a lot of faith during the high and low points of that trip to Rome; and one must not forget that he was not on a leisure trip. He was being transported, as a prisoner of Rome, to stand trial for his faith! So when he writes in Hebrews 11:1 (NLT) in a matter of fact, no-nonsense way, "Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see" we had better take notice and apply that to our heart and never forget it, for that is the tried and true, substance of faith, as experienced by Paul, himself!

The truth is, there are ALWAYS going to be times in our walk along the Narrow Path where ... we face storm filled trials and predicaments, as well as temptations. And these will be bone jarring enough to shake our faith to its very core. Nevertheless, it is during these times of personal crises and trembling-in-the- knee's type of faith, that God shows us, if we look to Him, we will come out just fine. And maybe even a little better than when we entered the storm. I call these moments of growth "Spiritual faith-lifts!"

Remember, even when it seems like YOU can't go on, or worse yet, that you are losing control ... God is always, and is still in control! All we need to do is cast whatever is left of our faith, upon Him! Like Peter says (one Peter 5:7 - NLT), "Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you." And, like Paul, you will survive yet another ship wreck!

What a lot of believers may not realize is that Paul, a veteran of three ship wrecks, was something like a man being struck by lightning more than once! And what makes this ship wreck even more exciting is that while they recuperated on the Island of Malta, God used Paul in an awesome display of faith. And this particular verse was something new to me, and something I have yet to hear a preacher speak on and emphasize. The story of the ship wreck in these two chapters (Acts 27 and 28), is full of interesting events; all having to do with the faith of one man and that faith having a positive effect on an unknown number of people.

Now, what I love about Paul is his unmitigated zeal for the word and upbeat approach to faith, is that even in the most negative of situations; instead of saying, "Whoa is me?" He turns to God, and it results in saving a ship full of men from death and then on island we get a glimpse of God's awesome healing power, as we pick up in Acts 28:8-10, "As it happened, Publius's father was ill with fever and dysentery. Paul went in and prayed for him, and laying his hands on him; he him Then ALL the other sick people on the island came and were healed. As a result we were showered with honors, and when the time came to sail, people supplied us with everything we would need for the trip." So, standing on his faith, God uses Paul to turn this ship wreck into a mini-revival and healing service. Gaining Paul, even more favor with all those around him!

One more thing to keep in mind is that even though his guard was ready to let Paul go free on Malta, Paul says, "No! I will go and stand trial!" Knowing God that God has already worked ALL things for His good so far, it is evident that Paul was interested in seeing what else God was about to do, once he arrived in Rome for the trial! I don't know about you? However, in my mind, that is faith in action!

So, what have we learned from Acts 27-28? First ... in our walk on the Narrow Path, there are almost always going to be storms and there are three views of each storm: we are either heading into the teeth of a storm; or, we may be in the midst of the teeth of the storm; or, we will be moving out of the storm! And it is extremely important that no matter what your position in the storm may be, you will never face that storm alone.

In Matthew 7:13-14, Jesus clearly tells us that we are on a Narrow Path. A Path that is sparsely traveled. And that this Path will have its struggles, trials temptations and difficulties; however, because we know that He never leaves us alone and without an escape route (1 Cor. 10:13).

This is why I look to Paul as my example when facing the most dire of situations. He has clearly demonstrated that by keeping our eyes on Jesus, we can remain upbeat and ready to take charge of the circumstances so that God can use the storm, for His overall good and glory (Romans 8:28).

Paul truly walked his talk ... and talked his walk ... and it is enhanced even more with what he writes in Romans 12:11 (NIV), "Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord." It is without saying that regardless of what perils Paul was in; he never, ever lost his "Zeal and spiritual fervor, and he served the Lord!" Can that be said of you?

Don't forget ... the book of compiled Trail Mix devotionals will be released through CreateSpace Press and Amazon later this Spring!