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Member Since: December 4, 2007
Location: Lake Worth, FL
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About George Lower

International Liturgy Publications
PO Box 50476
Nashville, TN 37205
615-599-0840 Fax
Music Minister: George Lower
Husband & Father of five children, Composer, Recording Artist, Guitarist, Vocalist, Keyboardist.

George currently serves as the Director of Music Ministries for Holy Name of Jesus Church in West Palm Beach, Florida, a post he has held since 1999. In this dynamic parish of 2500 families George has formed and honed his ministerial skills while directing 3 choirs, leading music at all parish liturgies and overseeing all aspects of the parish music program.

His musical education began at a young age studying jazz and classical guitar with Charles Bush, Jr. in Gainesville, Florida. During his high school years he studied voice with J.D. Bledsoe at Forest Lake Academy in Apopka, Florida. During this time George was active in both the high school choir and the band playing euphonium for one year. He then chose to pursue vocal studies exclusively and was a valuable member of the Forest Lake choir and was invited to join the traveling choir known as the New Generation Singers during his sophomore year. He received Forest Lake's Male Vocalist of the Year award in 1986.

After a brief enlistment in the United States Army that ended abruptly because of a training accident, George returned to making music and looking for opportunities to grow as a musician. It was during this time in early 1991, that George was received into the Catholic Church. He fully embraced his new faith and volunteered as a vocalist and guitarist at his local parish, St. Timothy in Tampa, Florida. While in Tampa he resumed private vocal studies with Gregory Roman; and, he began to be sought out as a vocalist and guitarist for both sacred and secular musical events in the larger community.

In 1997, George was hired to lead the LifeTeen music ensemble of St. Patrick Catholic Church in south Tampa. The group flourished under his direction performing extensively throughout the area under the name, "Deeply Rooted." This was also when George began to compose original songs for use during Mass and retreat weekends.

Since relocating to West Palm Beach, Florida in 1999, George has continued to refine his songwriting skills. He has studied music theory with Allen Webber and piano with Robert Jones and Robert Stein. In 2001, he independently released a CD titled "Of Saints and Angels" featuring his original music. He is continuing his formal studies during the summer months at St. Joseph College in Rensselear, Indiana where he is completing a Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Liturgy with an emphasis in Church Music.

George is deeply grateful for the opportunity his association with ILP has afforded. Some of his original songs and Psalm settings are due to be released in an upcoming ILP hymnal. He looks forward to sharing this music with the larger church family and prays that many will be touched by the Holy Spirit as a result.

I find my greatest inspiration when God's people gather for prayer. It is with profound gratitude and humility that I offer up this music as a living expression of that prayer. My fervent wish is that God will work through this medium to bring others closer to his Son and his universal church. - George Lower, June 2006
Remember Your Mercies
Behold the Lamb of God
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