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Online Status: Last On: Dec 31, 2013 - 10:03 AM
Profile Views: 7,245
Member Since: March 5, 2007
Location: Fernandina Beach, FL
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Genre: Romance
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Published Works
Hometown Dad (2011)
A pair of rowdy boys would be exhausting for two parents--little wonder single mom Melanie Drake feels overwhelmed. Her sons are her world, but she knows she needs a helping hand to keep them in line. Enter Nathan Keller--respected banker, descendant of the town's founding father...and baseball coach. Melanie knows he's out of her league, but as her sons learn to love Coach Nathan, Melanie starts falling for him, too. With the whole town rooting for happily ever after, it won't be long before this hometown dad joins their family for good.

Buy Hometown Dad Online

For six years Lukas Frye has fought to regain
control of his reckless life. He comes to
Kellerville, Ohio, hoping to settle down and be
the man his ailing grandfather can depend on.
Lukas thinks he can put down roots in a place
unsullied by his past?until he sees Juliane Keller. Juliane knows the secrets that could ruin his chance of being accepted in the place he wants to call home. But she isn't just a reminder of his past; she's a woman with secrets of her own?and a heart capable of the forgiveness and love he needs.

KELLERVILLE: Finding family, community and love
in one small town


Before single father Seth Finley became a full-time dad, and a Christian, he wasn't exactly responsible. But now he can't seem to convince his former girlfriend that he's changed. Nothing is more important to Seth than family, faith and love. And since he's found Elise Keller again, he has another shot to show her what kind of man he truly is. A man who'll love, honor and cherish her the way she always deserved. But will the once-burned, twice shy Elise ever accept his hometown proposal?


Homecoming Blessings (2009)
Big-city businessman Peter Dalton doesn't think he and fresh-from-the-field missionary Ashley Hiatt have anything in common. Until his boss?her father?pairs them together on a special project to help those less fortunate. Suddenly, instead of making money, Peter is making dreams come true. He's a changed man. Well, maybe not when comes to settling down. With his past, he's just not cut out for family life. But lovely Ashley seems to think otherwise...and is making it her mission to prove it for good.

Buy Homecoming Blessings Online

Mommy's Hometown Hero (2009)
His objective: marriage.
His opponent: a stubborn single mom.
After ten years, Rachel Charbonneau is finally back in South Dakota. But she intends to sell her family's farm and hurry back "home" to the city. Ex-soldier Matt Dalton won't let her go without a fight.
So his strategy: arm himself with all the faith and love necessary to be her hometown hero.

Buy Mommy's Hometown Hero Online

"The four little noisemakers who'd moved next door to Wade Dalton came with a bonus: their beautiful aunt. Raising the children herself due to some tough circumstances, Cassie Rankin impressed Wade with her selflessness and her beauty. But she was also at least a dozen years his junior--she was too young for him, wasn't she? Besides, Wade came with a secret that would only make life harder for Cassie and the children he'd come to adore, which meant keeping his distance. Something those four little blessings weren't about to let him do!"
The Heart's Forgiveness (2007)
Raising daughters wasn't easy for single dad, Grady Reynolds, especially when one daughter was a troubled teen. So he moved his family to a small town and hoped for a fresh start. Instead he found a reminder of the past: Maria Sanchez, his late wife's friend. Maria's life was busy, filled with mission trips and a job at a charitable foundation. Helping Grady regain his lost faith should have been fairly easy for her. After all, they were neighbors and coworkers. Except Grady wasn't ready to give or receive forgiveness...or love.
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Again, why are there so many duplicate messages? If I knew how to delete my profile from this site I would.
Aug 23, 2013 - 12:53 PM

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About Merrillee Whren
Merrillee Whren is an award-winning author who writes for Love Inspired. In 2003 she won the Golden Heart Award presented by Romance Writers of America for best inspirational romance manuscript.

Her first book, THE HEART'S HOMECOMING, from Steeple Hill, Love Inspired won third place in the 2006 More Than Magic Contest. Her second book, AN UNEXPECTED BLESSING, won the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award for best 2006 Love Inspired and the Georgia Romance Writers' Maggie Award for Excellence. Her third book, LOVE WALKED IN, won the inspirational category of the Beacon Contest sponsored by First Coast Romance Writers. Her fourth book, THE HEART'S FORGIVENESS, came out in July of 2007, and her fifth book, FOUR LITTLE BLESSINGS, MOMMY'S HOMETOWN HERO and HOMECOMING BLESSINGS are a series of books about three brothers, Wade, Matt and Peter Dalton.

Merrillee has visited all fifty states and a dozen foreign countries. She has lived in the cities of Spokane, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, and Chicago and now resides in Florida. When she isn't writing, she works part-time for her husband's recruiting firm or enjoys walking on the beach, playing tennis or doing a little yard work.

Visit my Web site at
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