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Online Status: Last On: Jan 24, 2008 - 3:43 PM
Profile Views: 4,092
Member Since: June 7, 2007
Location: Omaha, NE
ShoutLife Address:
Genre: Pop/Rock
Record Label: WER
Group Members:
Four sisters: Jaymie, Rachel, Bo, Allie-Kat
All harmony groups.
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Christian Entertainment Indust , Independent Christian Music , jasonslist
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About Mulberry Lane

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The classic adage is true: There is strength in numbers. When one voice is coupled with a matching voice (or grouped with a few siblings), its beauty and style multiply exponentially. This sound captures the essence of Mulberry.

The 4 sisters of Mulberry Lane have sold over 600,000 CDs. Their signature pop harmonies have taken them around the world, up the charts (#25 US top 40; #6 Japan), on TV and radio shows (Good Morning America, Regis, CBS This Morning, CNN, VH-1), and into the homes of fans in over 16 countries. They've played for crowds of up to 130,000 and TV viewing audiences of up to 11 million.

Now armed with their latest CD, Snug, Mulberry Lane was excited to have its 1st single, "Crazy Love," make it to #8 on the national Lite Rock ACQB chart.
2008 will mark the sisters' fifth annual Christmas tour (1500 - 2500 seat theaters). Growing every year, the show features their critically acclaimed harmonies, endless energy, and onstage banter. It's a full stage production, with their four piece band and moving lights.

In 2008, the sisters plan to release a brand new Christmas CD and a new CD of spiritual hymns.

And... it's finally here! All new in 2008 is Mulberry's new Song Club! Visit! Every month, club members can download a new Mulberry Lane exclusive song, a Mulberry Mini-Mag with exclusive content, and a Mulberry Mini-Talk Fest! Also, as a member of the digital club, you'll have the opportunity to access previous Song of the Month Club archives. 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions available. As low as $3.33 per month. As a member, you'll hear, see, and read things that only club members have access to! Subscriptions also make a great gift. Visit for this month's Song Club special downloads!

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