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Online Status: Last On: Jul 4, 2008 - 1:30 AM
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Member Since: June 3, 2008
Location: AUBURN, WA
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Genre: Country
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About Miss Debby
I am a songwriter, artist, and musician. I love to write music. I have many interests including fractal design, and photography. Ever since I was small, I have enjoyed all kinds of music. When I was old enough, I learned how to play it. Over the years, I have performed at weddings, The Eagle Lounge in Omaha, Ne, cookouts, and family gatherings. When the kids were small I would sing them to sleep every night. I began to write little songs to sing to my children, and was able to tap into my creative lyric writing skills. Unbeknownst to me, my neighbors sat outside under the balcony to listen to me sing. I did not become aware that they were doing that until they clapped one night and asked me to continue. This is when I learned that for several months, they had been sneaking outside in the back of our apartments, at my children's bedtime, and would listen to me sing my heart out, sometimes dancing to my love songs. Several years ago, I began to draw crowds whenever I sang and began to notice that I was able to touch the hearts of many, and brought others to tears as I sang. I sing from my heart, and that is something you do not hear a lot these days. People would look for me when I went camping, or to the park with my guitar at my side. Many people had encouraged me over the years to go to a recording studio, so, when my children were finally on their own, to the recording studio I went. What you are listening to are the first songs I made for my Demo. ***************************************************************
I would like to thank Vic at VHProductions, and my beat maker AG at ( for helping me to make this dream a reality. I have just released my very first Demo.....YEAH!

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