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Online Status: Last On: Feb 29, 2012 - 4:40 PM
Profile Views: 11,765
Member Since: April 13, 2008
Location: Columbia, SC
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Genre: Biography/Autobiography
Primary Publishers: AuthorHouse
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General Interests
Traveling, crossword puzzles, Church activities, reading, cross-stitch, my 2 cats - Elmo & Cooper, University of SC Gamecocks
Country, R&B, Easy Listening, Gospel, Classic Rock (60's-80's), most everything except hard rock and some jazz
Bible, History, Biography, Good love stories, Inspirational
All CSI's, Law & Order, Braves Baseball, Pro-football, American Idol, Monk, Seventh Heaven, Mash, Matlock, Murder She Wrote, Bones, House
College: University of SC
Columbia, SC
1962 - 2008
Church: Lutheran
Columbia, SC
1943 - 2008
Business: C&P of Va
Richmond, VA
1979 - 1992
Business: Southern Bell
Columbia, SC
1960 - 1979
Published Works (2008)
Simply inspirational (Rating 5 av 5)

This book is inspirational from start to finish. Ann Deane never gets through with one thing until another challenge comes along. Her faith is constantly tested, and yet she seems to endure all of these things, even the deaths of her children, in an accepting manner. Her husbands, drug rings, and other family problems never get her down for long. Her faith in God always seems to keep her from falling apart. No one can read this book without being inspired.
Cannot wait for the sequel.

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No Time for Tears... (2007)
Order Kellee's Book:

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No Time for Tears...A walk through life with Ann Deane Teal (2007)
Based on the true story of a woman's journey
through years of abuse, the death of two children,
health problems and an unhappy marriage, No Time
for Tears...A walk through life with Ann Deane Teal
is an inspiring read for anybody who has ever faced
Taken from the journal pages of author Kellee Stone,
the book examines a lifetime of trials and tribulations.
Stone, represented by the character Ann Deane Teal,
relates to readers how she overcame her troubled past,
finding love, acceptance and happiness.
"This book will appeal to readers because these events
happened to an ordinary person just like them:~says
Stone. "Many people have dealt with death, health
problems, children of all ages, being the caretaker in
their family,and at the same time trying to take care
of their personal life.Ann Deane was faced with not
only being a career person, but having her faith in God
tested many times over. Thank goodness, the Lord was
in her life at all times or surely she would not have
shown the strength to endure these obstacles."
Filled with amusing anecdotes, Stone's positive
spin on the situations handed to her in life makes an
uplifting read for book lovers of all ages.

Buy No Time for Tears...A walk through life with Ann Deane Teal Online

To Order Kellee's Book : (2007)

Buy To Order Kellee's Book : Online

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Blessings to you! My book is now on Kindle and Ebook.... Pls check it out _ Thanks....
Jan 16, 2011 - 7:53 PM

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About Kellee Stone
Kellee Stone, a native of Columbia, SC, is a first-time
author, although she's had much practice in writing
newsletters for her church and various jobs. Stone
retired from a large telephone company, which
gave her the opportunity to work in South Carolina,
Georgia and Virginia. She holds a business
administration and an associate's degree in Christian
counseling, and serves on the board of directors for
several associations.
Stone has a married daughter who lives in Atlanta,
Georgia. In addition to writing, Stone likes to travel,
read, crossstitch, work crossword puzzles, and involve herself
with church activites.She also enjoys spending time with her
two cats, Cooper and Elmo.

Order Kellee's Book here:
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Get yours while you can....   1/15/2010 - 2:35 PM
Dear Author friends and my other friends on ShoutLife. I am so excited! For a short time is offering my book, "No Time for Tears", on a special sale for $1.94 + s&h. They are almost giving it away! Please get your book while the sale lasts... (login or sign up to read more)
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This summer - the rest of the story...............   12/04/2009 - 5:56 PM
Hi everyone! This has been some summer! In Sept I had a bout with gout!(does anyone have gout but me)? Then landed in hospital for couple days with bronchitis - yuk! A couple of weeks ago, whle still battling bronchitis, my right shoulder fell apart ... (login or sign up to read more)
12 views - 0 replies
TAKING A BATH WITH COOPER!!   10/14/2008 - 4:05 PM
Taking a bath with Cooper - Okay, the summer is over and I need to get serious again! I want to tell you what happened to me this morning. I am invited to a wedding this weekend for a close friend and I decided to start getting ready today... (login or sign up to read more)
96 views - 9 replies - Most Recent Reply: 03/01/09 - 5:29 PM
Aug. 27, 2008... 6PM-CST... "Connections of the Heart & Soul" with our "Guest" Kellee Stone, Author and Speaker, and the Author of "No Time for Tears... A walk through life with Ann Deane Teal" on "Aging Outside the Box?" Radio Show with National Aut... (login or sign up to read more)
58 views - 5 replies - Most Recent Reply: 12/03/09 - 7:44 PM
Real Picture of Kellee   8/12/2008 - 1:29 PM
Hello friends, There were some questions about the real Kellee. I wasn't trying to deceive any of you, it was just a matter of circumstances. I was not allowed to put my picture on my book, due to various reasons. The main reason no longer exis... (login or sign up to read more)
106 views - 7 replies - Most Recent Reply: 08/25/08 - 12:35 PM
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