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Advice For girls and guys!
Advice For girls and guys!

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 so theres this guy...and he kinda has my heart.<33
marian young.
8/12/08 - 5:15 PM

i like this guy.
he might like me, but i'm not sure.
i dont wanna tell anyone i like him uless we're going out.
usually i just flirt alot with a guy and wait for them to ask me out.
this time i have competition.
some overly-pretty girl.
and she flirts with him alot.
she dont know i like him.
no one really does i guess.
i think he knows cause we kinda flirt nonstop.
like, he flirts with me too.
so i think he at least kind of likes me.
but hes not asking me out!!
theres my problem.
i HATE asking guys out.
its always really akward.
♥Drum Major♥
8/12/08 - 5:45 PM

I have the a problem sorta like yours 2!!!! Idk what to do..........

What is the football team doing on the marching field?!

Marching Band, the sport for intelligent people.

Queen of the Band. But you can call me Drum Major.

Marching Band isnt a sport? I'd like to see you march 20 yards in 16 steps...BACKWARDS!

Band geeks rule!!! =]

8/13/08 - 9:30 AM

um... well duz this guy flirt with this other girl?

...And if a double-decker bus crashes into us, to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die. And if a ten ton truck kills the both of us, to die by your side, well the pleasure, the privilege, is mine...

Much Love,
The One Inside Your Head

marian young.
8/13/08 - 3:11 PM

not really...well kind of but not really. arghh!
Yellow is Cheerful !!!!!!
8/13/08 - 8:04 PM

Ok well i have several questions to ask u number one why can`t u tell anybody lyk someone u trust nuber two have u told God about this i know it may seem lyk nothing much but God wants to know all about this number three what is it that has u sooo hooked what is it about him and just remebr there r more guys and uhe may not be the rite one 4 u God has every thing plannd out and he may not be in that plan im sry but i say that if he really lyks u he will pursue u unless he`s lyk really shy lol but pray and ask God 4 wisdom and read His word for he will reveal something
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